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A Child's Important Work Continues

In our society for our family, Montessori has become a way of life, thats how we structure the set up of our home and raise our children. It influences everything that connects to this environment the consumer products , our homes as prepared environment, our discipline, and how we lead our children. It has been my life's greatest success and joy watching our children become a complete person exactly who they were supposed to be, at exactly the time needed to get to their accomplishments. ! Montessori is Reasoning! Montessori is is our everyday of life! Montessori is our best way of life!

"As the child grows, his important work continues.He will work on vocalizations, but also hand grasps, body movements, etc.Sometimes the child will want to work on the same ability__usually verbal or muscular.Each child is different, and only careful observation will reveal what he wants and what he's learning".writes Susan Mayclin in her book "The Joyful Child".

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