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A great gateway to"being creative."

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

I am so thrilled with the idea of a child being able to do things himself.My five year old grandson would just go around the house discovering his own self made toys making his own train toy with lined up small cushions or gather pots and pans to create his own music.Definitely a child is his own teacher who knows what to create and when to learn.I am just in my kitchen while doing my own stuff watching him be creative. It is so satisfying to his soul that the excitement he gets from self creation, accomplishment and being able to meet the challenges it becomes the happiest moment of my life.While watching him play I would go back in my memory lane that I use to play the same games same ways, so its has been repeatedly seen that these discoveries are inborn.Thats a human nature, from the day he's born he's creative.I am always reading here and there making my own notes and find a few lines from Dr Montessori and mark them .How can I forget how she have taken root all over the world. I am always grateful to my daughter that she's sweet enough to drop the kids so often for me to love them, play with them and spoil them with all my heart.Sharing this reveals the inspiration.

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