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"A Motive Of Perfection" says Maria Montessori

Where ever possible introduce into the action what Montessori calls "A Motive of perfection".She has always been very practical and approached day to day life with introduction to basic things in life.I have children in my house who are from ages three years to seven years and its so amazing to see the different characteristics in them.When I introduce certain lessons for example laying of table with plates ,spoon, forks, cups and saucers it is pretty much accomplished as EPL (Exercise of Practical Life). After a repetition and mastering of the exercise comes an added complication to the action. The extension e.g something that can be not very difficult and still interested.Keeping in mind her idea of complication could be added language to" softly" put the cup on the saucer and be your own teacher .So now the child who was introduced to this complication to the action took it as a challenge and built in himself a self confidence, and uses his own ears as a guide, and as monitor as a new "Control of Error" and so a new interest is developed added to the joy of laying the table. And finally took the challenge to added complication of an extension to putting the cup on the saucer without making noise.

Repeating such exercises during their every day life develop in them independence, self motivation, self confidence, self control without any interference of an adult.So there's no critics by adult present in the environment.This leads to smooth and orderly conduct of the whole life of a child.

It is to bear in mind that it is only during this period of "Sensitive Period" that I could help my children with perfecting their muscular coordination that the best results could be achieved.Dr Montessori says If we wait until children are over seven years of age we shall have "missed the tide".

In my home children feel proud to have achieved the motto of Maria Montessori "I can do it by myself."


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