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Listen to Your Child

Naturally you think you are listening to your child's each word he utters but at the end you are lost because you half listen to them .As an adult we are so overwhelmed with so much going on in our minds that we don't even pay attention to it and respond with a blank face.

It is disappointing.It counts a lot.

It is children who need to feel that we are actually listening because it is of great value to them.I have noticed at several occasions that parents or adults carry a conversation where they want you to look into their eyes and listen.They totally overlook the importance of it when its other way around .One day I realized that there was nothing worth than just slowdown, forget our plans and listen to the child, it is full of tiny details of life and so fascinating. My daughter teaches me every day saying "mom you didn't even acknowledge my job call that I got"or for that matter any achievements that" I make goes unrecognized", breaks my heart.I am so occupied or my brain is traveling to so many places that I miss on all the excitements of that moment and later feel so SAD.Welcome the child and listen to them what they are saying.

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