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Montessori Homeschool Curriculum

Everything has a name . So everything in a Childs life has been designed and self created by himself we actually only observe a child. Maria Montessori was a medical doctor and Italian educator in the late 19th and 20th century who focused her attention on how young children learn. Her research led to an educational philosophy that revolutionized early childhood education and continues to influence our community.The curriculum designed specifically for Montessori homeschooling is more observations than a full curriculum. Montessori is more of a philosophy that is being practiced than a defined program, our parents, grandparents,teachers,care takers can create their own Montessori curriculum. One of the key ways families accomplish this is by keeping a consciously designed environment with hands on materials on hand that allow them to practice the Montessori method at home.

It has been seen that Montessori learning tools and resources are easily available, but that doesn’t mean that parents have to buy all of it.No Not at all. There are many Montessori materials that can be

self created, such as doing flower arrangements , using nuts and bolts as fine motor skill , or using letters for spelling practice.For all this there is guidance and help easily available.

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