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Welcome the child to the outside world-

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

It is so amazing to see children outside involved in little task around the house we don't necessarily have to drive them to some parks or places home is your best place.Today we have car wash places but back then "car wash" has been there most favorite chore.People find it hard to believe but just the bucket with water and sponge is there most favorite toys.Montessori believed in everything starting from home.looking back in the time when I was with my own two daughters I always involved them from gardening to car washing to creating their own camping area to indoor activities.

Today they have excelled in so many ways. It is a fact that the young child is constantly trying to make sense of the real world, to create order, to create his whole self in relation to it.This incarnates in a child a feeling of security he develops confidence and establishes his personality.A new adult grows into the world.

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