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Classroom Management

A personalized consultation on how to set up a prepared environment.

  • 1 hour
  • 250.00
  • Online Session

Service Description

Highly interactive session!! Face to face. You can see the Tutor. Her blackboard via Zoom meeting. Share your Tutor’s computer screen. Talk to her and ask questions!!! Learn from the Expert in the convenience of your home! Flexible hours. Online and Live. Consultation includes: 2 hours every day weekends( only) for 2 weeks Developing a strategic plan Help in planning and organizing each Montessori Classrooms (infant - 6 years) *Progress slowly and phase in each progressive level. *Use multi-aged groupings (Multi-aged clusters enhance the *Montessori dynamic by reducing competition, maximizing curriculum options available to any one child, providing a family atmosphere that plays a vital role in socialization, and permitting older children to model advanced work for younger children. *Because one set of materials suffices for three grades, multi-aged clusters are cost effective.) *Align assessment techniques with Montessori curriculum. *Assessment should seek to measure external conditions such as parent satisfaction, parent participation, and desegregation, as well as intrinsic Montessori standards and values. *Follow-up studies will play a critical role in future recognition of Montessori effectiveness. *Montessori classrooms are designed to be intuitive and conducive to a child’s learning abilities at multiple developmental stages. Most Montessori classrooms feature the following: *Assigned learning areas. Each classroom is divided into multiple learning areas. Typically, these areas include either sensory, practical, language, math, or culture experiences. *Montessori emphasizes limited wall décor.Keeping in mind Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy decorations are kept to a minimum. It is highly recommended to keep it as natural as possible.e.g.Natural furnishings. Natural light in Montessori classrooms use lighting similar to what a child is accustomed . Try not to use fluorescent overhead lighting, the classroom may have fixtures designed to specific sections to create an atmosphere with natural light. * Montessori spaces are self-driven learning centers, they are designed to create an environment with comfort.These classrooms include all supplies based on Self learning.

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