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Sensorial Lesson Level 1

The main focus of sensorial lessons is to help develop five senses.

  • 2 hours
  • $250.00
  • Online Session

Service Description

All Montessori materials are designed with built in mechanism to control error. This idea of Maria Montessori was to show that the child could point his own mistake and that there is room for correction. It is further discovered as lessons are presented a child develops their self confidence and is able to understand the world around him. This includes his sense of Sight.Touch,Smell,Taste and Hear. Highly interactive session!! Face to face. You can see the Tutor. Her blackboard via Zoom meeting. Share your Tutor’s computer screen. Talk to her and ask questions!!! Learn from the Expert in the convenience of your home! Flexible hours. Online or Live. Personal tutoring based upon your available hours. Instructor Qualification : Montessori Certified USA based.Twenty plus years experience. Currently on job with great background and highly recommended.Travelled to Thailand, China ,Spain , to further her skills internationally.

Contact Details

+ 832-846-7310


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