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Step by Step Materials For Beginners

Introduction To Hands On Montessori Materials.

  • 15 minutes
  • 110 US dollars
  • pdf: On Order

Service Description

Focus on learning hands on by Dr Maria Montessori.All activities are well explained step by step. Highly interactive session!! Face to face. You can see the Tutor. Her blackboard via Zoom meeting. Share your Tutor’s computer screen. Talk to her and ask questions!!! Learn from the Expert in the convenience of your home! Flexible hours. Online or Live. Personal tutoring based upon your available hours. Instructor Qualification : Montessori Certified USA based.Twenty plus years experience. Currently on job with great background and highly recommended.Travelled to Thailand, China ,Spain , to further her skills internationally. Amazing approach towards teaching of Dr Maria Montessori's Applications."Learning the Montessori way is literally for life" One hour Monday , Wednesday and Friday and Saturday 45 minutes Review and Quiz test. It will be a 3 hour 45 minutes completion certificate on the module you choose. After you enroll an assigned instructor will be designated to you to further assist you and make all arrangements for your class to begin according to the availability. For e.g Carrying a chair Material A child chair to be carried Presentation Introduction Prepare a child’s chair with sufficient space around it. Invite 3-4 children to come participate in your lesson by telling them you have something to show them. Show each child where exactly to sit and once the children are seated, you sit so that you can see them all, they all can see you, and yet you are not in front of them. Call their attention to the chair and tell them that you are going to show them how to carry a chair. Stand on the side of the chair so that the back of the chair is on the left side of your body, and the seat of the chair is directly in front of your legs. Place each foot so that each big toe touches the legs of the chair closest to your body. Bend your knees until they touch the seat of the chair. Wrap your left arm around the back of the chair. Place your left thumb on the seat of the chair at the center of the backside of the seat. Wrap your four left fingers around the base of the seat. Place your right thumb opposite your left thumb at the front of the seat. Wrap your right fingers around the base of the chair's seat. Straighten your legs and in doing so lift the chair. Bring the chair in close to you so that the seat of the chair is at the level of your lower stomach. Check to see that all four of the chair's legs are pointing down.

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