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Never Without A Material !

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

We have always noticed that most of the schools and learning centers and even at home our focus is on keeping the availability of variety of different ways such as visual aids ,story time, dramatic actions, rewards, punishment in order to build up concentration in our children.

Now after learning so much about Montessori we see that interest and concentration is secured through movement. From the very beginning of a child's life we see that we try to have them focus and concentrate .This has been a phenomenal aspect of our Montessori teaching.

It is in our guideline in our Montessori environment that concentration comes from when children are occupied with the materials always with the materials__ Never without a material, says Maria Montessori .

I am a mom of two amazing intelligent girls ,life had taken rough turns while watching them grow with different environments.One understood and focussed certain areas other one looked for perfection and details.Though they were always there with materials ,never without materials yet learnt different ways.Sometimes its the way a Child processes the knowledge into their closed minds but no matter what, Montessori says; Movement and Concentration must have "an intellectual atmosphere"Hence it is the materials that ensures concentration __ not silence. Concentration, focus, character building formation of personality all in a package with materials and lots of materials around them brings in them total well being!

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